Uncover what drives your customers' experience

From a marketing standpoint, just how do we reveal the elements of the customer experience that are most impactful? While asking customers to rank elements in order of importance is one way to do this, the process can be tedious. Furthermore, customers may not actually know what is truly behind their satisfaction or delight with a product or service experience. There is another, more efficient method for teasing out the characteristics that are most significant in driving these perceptions. It’s

Narrative Research - More than Words

Storytelling has been around for over 15,000 years, yet more and more our world is communicating in phrases, hash tags, texts and keywords. Sure, time is of the essence, but are we truly saving time if the end result is less understanding of one another? For instance, some companies have lost a lot of money basing market research solely on keyword searches, because keyword searches don’t give us the full customer story and context. In a world of less is more and faster is better, what value does

Non-Toxic Toys, Please

My holiday wish for safe toys. It's that time of year, again. Parent or not, almost everyone will think about toys at some time in the next month. And there will be lots of stories on the news about what to buy and what not to buy. I remember the China toy scare a few years back. In fact, in 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was created in response to the China toy scare to make toys safer. The end result was that toxic lead used in toy paint was limited, but another harmful che

HOURCAR Introduces Two New Hybrid Plug-In Vehicles

Minnesota continues to lead the way nationally and globally in minimizing its carbon footprint. Last year, Minneapolis was named the #1 biking city in the U.S., and now its sister city is paving the way for hybrid plug-in vehicle use. Some exciting news for St. Paul came on Tuesday. Two new hybrid plug-in cars were added to HOURCAR’s St. Paul fleet. HOURCAR is a local car-sharing program that rents out cars by the hour or day. A majority of their cars are already fuel-efficient. However, HOURCA

ADHD Associated With Pesticides

When it comes to eating organic, there are certain factors I consider when feeding my family. I want to provide them with the highest quality food while still being able to pay the bills. So which foods can I afford to skim on? Luckily the Environmental Working Group (EWG) came up with a list of produce with the most pesticides that should always be consumed organic. They then came up with another list called the “Clean 15,” which are the produce lowest in pesticides. I know the toxic harm from

New Bike Repair Kiosks in Minneapolis

Just like you see auto service stations along the highway, you can now expect bicycle self-serve repair kiosks along Minneapolis bike paths. The name of the project is called Bike Fixation , which features vending machines full of bike parts, bike tools and snacks. The machines are sturdy and are built to withstand the elements or even vandalism. The first kiosk to be built is located at the Uptown Transit Station just off the Midtown Greenway. The next location to feature a kiosk is at the Upto